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The Thrive CE Academy Trust maintains oversight and responsibility for the continued growth and success of all our academies, ensuring that strong Christian faith foundations are maintained and built upon within each of our schools.

There are three tiers of governance within the Trust. These are: Members, Trustees and the Local Governing Boards. The Members and Trustees are all representatives of either the parishes our schools serve, or the Manchester Diocesan Board of Education.  Parish Foundation Governors have a majority representation on local boards, which also include representatives from the parent and staff bodies.


The Members are legally and financially accountable for the performance of the schools within the Trust and for the overall financial viability of the Trust. For their full legal obligations and powers, please see the "Articles of Association" below.

The Members appoint the Directors/Trustees and delegate a number of key strategic responsibilities to them. Our Members meet annually to hold the Directors to account.

Trustees & Trustee Committees

The Trustees

There are eight Trustees, seven of whom are directly appointed representatives from St James and Emmanuel Church, St Wilfrid's CE Church, St Elisabeth's CE Church and the Manchester Diocesan Board of Education, along with the Chief Executive Officer, who is a direct appointment of the Members.

The Trustees take strategic decisions to improve performance across all Trust schools.

The Trustees meet formally once a term and receive reports from the committees (see below) and external auditors.

Committees of the Trust Board

Finance, Audit and Risk - The Finance, Audit & Risk Committee monitors the management accounts supplied by the Local Governing Body of each school and ensures its compliance with internal auditing requirements. They ensure that value for money is achieved and report directly to the Board of Trustees. 

Pay and Remuneration - The Pay and Remuneration Committee will consider pay recommendations from Local Governing Boards and the Headteacher Appraisal Review Committee following the completion of each appraisal cycle. 

Appraisal Review - The Appraisal Review Committee will meet to set targets and review the performance of school leaders. The committee will consist of representatives from the Board of Trustees, Local Governors, the Trust CEO and an external specialist. 

Curriculum and Standards - The Curriculum and Standards Committee meets regularly to review progress towards key school improvement objectives in each of the Trust schools.

Local Governing Boards

Local governing boards maintain oversight over the quality of the curriculum, teaching and learning, and progress towards school improvement targets. Local boards also maintain oversight over the appraisal process for teachers and are represented at Headteacher appraisal reviews and target setting meetings. Each Local Governing Board is responsible for monitoring the performance of the school budget and ensuring value for money. 

All our Members, Trustees and Governors have to declare their pecuniary interests at the beginning of every meeting and confirm their eligibility to stand in public office annually.

All our Members, Trustees and Governors have current enhanced DBS checks.

Local Governing Board Chairs - 2023/24

Didsbury CE West Didsbury CE St Wilfrid's CE St Elisabeth's CE
Paul Good Felicity Bradley Andrew Bradley Ian Cole

Trust Board Attendance at Meetings

Trust Board Meeting Attendance 2022 - 2023






John Barrett  CEO Y Y Y
Sarah Storey CFO Y Y Y
Revd Andrew Bradley Member N Y N
Felicity Bradley Trustee Y Y Y
Revd Dr Nicholas Bundock Trustee Y Y Y
Ian Cole Trustee Y Y Y
David Finch Trustee Y N Y
Paul Good Trustee Y Y Y
Lee Jamieson Trustee Y Y N
Miriam Jones Trustee Y Y Y
Joanne Lynch Trustee Y N N
Dr. Geoff Stevenson Foundation Trustee Y Y Y



Finance Committee Meeting Attendance 2022 - 2023

Governor Type 18.11.2022

Auditors Meeting

John Barrett CEO Y Y Y
Sarah Storey CFO Y Y Y
Revd Andrew Bradley Member Y N Y
Felicity Bradley  Trustee Y Y Y
Revd Dr Nicholas Bundock Trustee N/A Y N/A
Ian Cole Trustee N/A N N/A
David Finch Trustee N/A N N/A
Paul Good Trustee Y Y Y
Lee Jamieson Trustee Y Y N
Miriam Jones Trustee N/A Y N/A
Joanne Lynch Trustee N/A Y N/A
Dr Geoff Stevenson Foundation Trustee N/A Y N/A


Local School Governing Board Attendance at Meetings


Current Members
Name Role
Revd Dr Nicholas Bundock Rector at St. James and Emmanuel
Revd Andrew Bradley Rector at St. Wilfrid’s
Greg Mauchline Chair of St James and Emmanuel PCC
Deborah Smith Manchester Diocese Director of Education


Current Trustees
Pecuniary Interests
Name Governor Type Term of Office Roles
John Barrett CEO n/a  
Felicity Bradley Trustee 01.09.21 - 31.08.25  
Revd Dr Nicholas Bundock Trustee 01.09.20 - 31.08.24  
Mr Ian Cole Trustee (PCC) 27.01.21 - 26.01.25  
Mr Paul Good Trustee 05.02.24 - 04.02.28 Chair
Mr Lee Jamieson Trustee 29.01.24 - 28.01.28  
Mrs Miriam Jones Trustee 01.09.20 - 31.08.24  
Joanne Lynch Trustee 01.09.20 - 31.08.24  
Dr. Geoff Stevenson Foundation Trustee 01.09.16 - 31.08.24  
Member Confirmed Entity Nature Notes From To
John Barrett - CEO Nothing to declare: Confirmed 27 Sep 2023          
Revd Andrew Bradley Nothing to declare: Confirmed 15 Sep 2023          
Felicity Bradley Confirmed 18 Sep 2023 Child in Year 6 at West
Didsbury School
Parent as well as Governor      
Revd Dr Nicholas Bundock Nothing to declare: Confirmed 6 Sep 2023          
Mr Ian Cole Nothing to declare: Confirmed 25 Sep 2023          
Mrs Pam Dunham (clerk) Confirmed 18 Apr 2023 Stockport MBC Employee  In my capacity as Head of Governor Services for SMBC, I provide meeting
clerking and governor
01 Sep 17  
Mr Paul Good Confirmed 17 Oct 2023 Didsbury CE Primary  Family Relationship Grandson attends the
01 Jan 18  
Mr Lee Jamieson Nothing to declare:
Confirmed 5 Sep 2023
Mrs Miriam Jones Confirmed 5 Oct 2022 PP Didsbury  Director   06 Nov 15  
Joanne Lynch Confirmed 21 Nov 2022 Niece I have a niece in Reception class at St Elizabeth's School within the trust My niece is called Bella
05 Sep 22 31 Jul 29
Dr. Geoff Stevenson Confirmed 22 Sep 2023 Tame River Education Trust Member Members for an academy
trust are part of the governance structure and appoint trustees.
01 Jan 22  
    St. James and Emmanuel
Academy Trust
Parent to children attending school in the Trust My two children go to school at St. Wilfrid's CofE Primary School. 01 Sep 14  
    St. James and Emmanuel Academy Trust Spouse employed by the Trust My wife was employed as a teacher at St. Wilfrid's CofE Primary School. 01 Sep 19 31 Aug 21
    Ambition Institute Employee Ambition Institute provides CPD for teachers and school leaders across England 26 Sep 11 31 Mar 20
Mrs Sarah Storey Confirmed 7 Sep 2023 Didsbury CE Primary School Employee  Parent of one child in Year 2.
Active involvement in PTA
Mrs Danielle Wood (clerk) Confirmed 7 Sep 2023          
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