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Vision & Growth

Our vision for education is deeply Christian, with Jesus' promise of 'life in all its fullness' at its heart. Thrive CE Academy Trust schools create an enthusiasm for learning that will shape children's lives and future chances, enabling them to grow into responsible and productive adults.

Our desire ‘to grow’ is also built upon our faith foundations.  To ‘grow’ a child is a privileged calling and to nurture that girl or boy as they develop in their unique skills and aptitudes is a charge that nobody or no institution should enter into lightly.  

Our Vision is encapsulated in the strapline:

Belonging Believing Becoming

These three words sum up our mission statements and our faith foundation as Church of England schools.


  • Be rooted within the communities which they serve.
  • Aspire to be part of a larger ‘family’ or schools where they can thrive, develop and continue to grow.
  • Look to develop deep social responsibilities within their school community.


  • Aspire to achieve the very best outcomes for their pupils and aim to create an environment where people can fully utilise their gifts and talents.
  • Show a commitment to a culture of school improvement, innovation and collaboration.
  • Invest time to strengthen the Trust; engaging and contributing to meetings, projects and activities.


  • Be outward facing, finding ways to improve, develop and enhance the experiences of pupils and develop the knowledge and expertise of staff.
  • Look to play a key role in the success of other schools in the Trust, sharing knowledge and good practice and providing support.
  • Use the autonomy available to them to further develop and enhance the educational experience for their children and encourage innovation.

Our Growth Strategy

In September 2022, the Trust restructured its central team and its operating model. We have reviewed and strengthened our vision, adopted a clear strategy to help achieve this vision and are working to ensure core services and functions are in place to deliver our strategy. In September 2024, the Trust will move into a new base in Stockport and a central finance and admin team will be in place to support our growth strategy. Our new home will also provide training and meeting space and will be the hub for our CPD programme. 

The PESTLE tool has been used to analyse external factors for our growth strategy, particularly national and local policies relating to academisation, to ensure it can effectively respond to change.

Below, you will find a copy of our growth strategy. We welcome the opportunity to speak with school leaders and governors about the future growth of our trust, our aims and the vision we have for education. 

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