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Core Services

We believe that one of the major benefits of being in our partnership as a Trust is the ability to centralise business support. Central policies help to streamline procedures within all the schools in our Trust and ensure consistency. This infrastructure covering core business operations ensures that school leaders are free to really focus on developing the quality of education in their schools.

Schools are facing growing challenges and school leaders are under increasing pressure. Managing the continual changes to the legal and regulatory compliance framework for schools has increasingly become a full-time job. As our Trust grows, core services will also grow to reflect the changing needs of our schools. The Trust will ensure value for money and efficiencies of scale, to ensure that school leaders can priortise their time on delivering a high-quality educational experience for children.

The Trust has recently restructured its central team and its operating model, and we are now in the process of reviewing our core services to ensure and functions are in place to deliver our strategy and help achieve our vision for the Trust.


Please view further information about each of our core services below:


Chief Finance Officer (CFO)

Our Trust CFO, Sarah Storey, leads our team of Senior School Administrators and Business Managers. January 2024 will see the implementation of our new budget and accounting software provided by Iris. By working collaboratively, we are able to deliver greater efficiency for our schools and ensure that funds are targeted where they can have the greatest impact on our pupils' education. 

HR & Legal

 Browne Jacobson

Browne Jacobson provide HR, Legal and Policy support for all schools within the Thrive CE Trust. Independently recognised as award-winning legal and HR experts, they are trusted by over 1,300 academy trusts and schools nationwide. They are approved partners of the Association of School and College Leaders, the Confederation of School Trusts, the National Association of Head Teachers and the National Governance Association. https://www.brownejacobson.com/sectors/education/schools-and-academy-trusts

Compliance & Policies

Trust Policies

The Thrive CE Academy Trust recognises the time spent by schools when forming, updating and approving statutory policies. We are anxious to reduce this burden on school leaders and governors and produce a suite of central compliance and 'good practice' policies which schools can have access to via our Office365 shared domain. 

KD Safeguarding

KD Safeguarding provides a wide range of safeguarding training and consultancy services to our Trust schools.

KD provide annual safeguarding health checks on all Trust schools, providing invaluable follow-up support and providing advice to school leaders and administrators.  They also support our schools to manage attendance issues and establish strategies to improve attendance across our Trust schools. https://www.kdsafeguarding.co.uk/

Jeanne Fairbrother Associates

SafeSchool™ from Jeanne Fairbrother Associates provides a whole school approach to health and safety for our Trust. They offer our schools a service which is personal, proactive, customer-focused and delivers what schools want with energy and enthusiasm. https://jeannefairbrotherassociates.com/

North Yorkshire Education Trips and Visits

Thrive CE Trust utilises the Evolve educational trips and visits software to plan and risk assess all school trips and activities. The Trust Board have commissioned the ‘North Yorkshire Educational Trips and Visits Coordinator’ to oversee the planning and approval of all residential and higher risk trips. Their advice and guidance is invaluable for teachers and school leaders and ensures that learning outside of the classroom can take place safely. https://www.northyorks.gov.uk/education-and-learning/information-about-schools/school-trips-visits-and-activities


Lancaster, Maloney and Martin (LMM)


Facilities Management

Based on our strong credentials in building surveying and facilities management, Lancaster Maloney Martin established Property Care Solutions (PCS) in 2006. They provide an all-encompassing facilities solution to all Trust schools and support Headteachers to manage their premises more effectively and efficiently.

Estate Strategy and CIF Bids

LLM provide specialised asset management services, strategic advice and support to all schools within the Thrive CE Trust. They are experts in providing advice on funding options for all types of projects and have an enviable track record in bidding for and securing funding for public sector projects.

IT Vision


The Thrive CE Academy Trust has established an ambitious vision for IT across our Trust for 2023-25. Following an audit of our current infrastructure, a strategic plan has been established which will see provision transformed for our pupils and ensure highly effective communication and information sharing across the Trust.


Our Trust Office365 tenancy provides a host for all Trust emails and through Microsoft Teams and SharePoint, enables staff across our schools to work together and share good practice. As part of our 2023-25 vision for IT, the use of Office365 will be expanded across the Trust and will work in tandem with Google technology within the classroom. 

Governors Services

Stockport Governor Services


Through our allocated Governor Services Professional, the team at Stockport offers our Trust a comprehensive and professional support service to local governing boards and Trust boards to enable them fulfill their legal and procedural obligations. Training and regular updates are provided for all governors/trustees, whilst clerking and regular regional and national updates are provided to boards. 

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